Our Philosophy

          We're not just a law firm - we're your partner in solving problems and forging a path to victory.  The firm offers advice that is practical and takes into account both the law and the business conditions facing workers, and how to make the most of all of the tools at your disposal.

          Our small size gives us an advantage.  We're tough, innovative, and dedicated.  We think you'll like our approach.

Employee Rights

          Mistreatment in the workplace strikes deep.  We promise to listen with compassion.  We can help you assess what works best both legally and personally.

          The firm offers representation to people in matters including but not limited to:

          -  Employment Discrimination
          -  Sexual Harassment
          -  Retaliation and Whistleblower Issues
          -  Wrongful Termination or Discipline
          -  Unpaid Minimum Wages and Overtime
          -  Unpaid Prevailing Wages
          -  Wrongful Denial of Benefits
          -  Unemployment Compensation Appeals

          The firm stands ready to fight hard and take your claim to a  judge and jury.  But we also understand that you may prefer a more private, negotiated resolution.  More than anything, we are here to be your partner and protect your dignity.


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