We're proud to have recovered over $20 million for employees in verdicts, judgments, and awards since our founding in 2012.  More than that, we have been blessed with wonderful, continuing friendships with clients - and that is impossible to put any price on.

Here is a sample of just some of our results:

$8.5 Million Verdict - Race Discrimination and Retaliation.  We represented a brave client who stood up to racism at a natural gas utility.  Just before the trial, the company did not offer even a penny to settle.  A jury in St. Louis awarded our client $8.5 million in actual and punitive damages - believed to be the largest verdict in Missouri history for race discrimination.  Click here for the article in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. 

$6.4 Million Verdict - Retaliation and Service Letter.  Our firm represented a pharmaceutical sales manager who lost his job after a false accusation in the workplace.  After protracted discovery battles and a scorched-earth litigation approach by the defendant, we tried the case for two weeks to a jury.  The jury in Independence, Missouri, returned a verdict for our client of $432,001 in actual and nominal damages, and  $6 million in punitive damages.  This is believed to be the largest verdict ever rendered under Missouri's century-old Service Letter Law.  

Seven Years' Pay for Union Leader - Workers' Compensation Retaliation Settlement.  After a decades-long labor leader suffered an on-the-job injury, his Illinois-based Fortune 500 employer fired him.  We filed suit, and obtained seven years' pay for him to enjoy his retirement in peace and dignity.

$917,000 Verdict - Age Discrimination.  Along with the Popham Law Firm, we tried a three-week age discrimination case to verdict in Wyandotte County, Kansas, for a group of veteran employees who lost their jobs.  The jury returned a verdict of approximately $917,000, awarding our clients their full backpay; this is believed to be the largest discrimination verdict ever in a Kansas state court.  Our clients have gone on to rewarding and fulfilling careers and to spending quality time with their families.  Click here for the article in the Kansas City Star.

$500,000 Settlement - Pregnancy Discrimination.  A Washington-based hotel management company fired our client after she asked for time off to go to a prenatal appointment.  Our firm obtained a $500,000 settlement the weekend before trial.

$172,000 Verdict.  Our client, an accomplished employee of the City of Kansas City who worked in community outreach and violence prevention, was fired following a flare-up of a medical condition.  Management failed to account for our client's medical needs and treated her differently than they did similarly-situated male employees.  A Jackson County jury returned a verdict of $172,000, and the Court also entered an award of over $300,000 in attorney's fees and costs.  Related actions against other defendants were resolved confidentially before trial.  

$270,000 Verdict.  In our firm's first trial, we were blessed to be able to assist the Baldwin & Vernon law firm in representing a gentleman who had been diagnosed with cancer, only to see his job eliminated within an hour of telling his boss.  A jury in Clay County, Missouri, returned $135,000 in actual damages and $135,000 in punitive damages.

We have resolved countless other cases by confidential settlement.

While prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome, we look forwarding to helping and putting our experience to work for you.

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